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Cultivation, production and manufacturing of
cannabis and cannabinoids for medical use


Organic and sustainable cultivation of cannabis in Aruba with an approximate maximum annual capacity of 20,000 kilograms through 40,000 square meters of cultivation space, utilizing optimal climate conditions allowing for consistent and reproducible crops. Possibility to scale-up cultivation through our strategic partnership in Colombia.





  • The climate of Aruba offers optimal environmental conditions, with clean water, 12 hours of sunlight year-round and optimal humidity levels
  • Proximity to South America and the Caribbean Sea

  • Part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands

  • Competitive cost advantages, including cost-efficient labour, land and energy

  • Cultivated under Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (“GACP”)

  • Sun-grown, using environmentally sustainable practices

  • Licenses to cultivate CBD & THC dominant strains for processing and sale in the Aruban domestic market and for export to the global market



In-house extraction and isolation infrastructure of cannabinoids in compliance with GMP and pharmaceutical standards. 

Our Product Line

Besides exporting Medical Cannabis and Cannaboid Solutions to the international
pharmaceutical industry, we will be producing our own CBD oil drops and CBD-infused
products for the local and international market under the brand name DutchCanna™️

We will also be developing a beauty and cosmetics line with 8 different products, using
our own organic CBD oil.

Medical and Research Strategy

  • Identifying the medical needs: By working in areas where current treatment can be complemented or replaced in such a way that it will lead to improvements of health for the patients and reduction of health costs 

  • Improving the cannabis varieties: Through AI combined with the experience of our Master Breeder from The Netherlands, we will accelerate the discovery of varieties with genetic potential to determine the effectiveness for different types of pain and other pathologies

  • Product development: By developing active compounds and standardized formulations and by producing them under strict quality control with ISO and GMP standards 

  • Selection of scientific teams: We collaborate in order to create a Hub-and-Spoke strategy with universities in the region and scientific researchers in The Netherlands and Colombia, to facilitate maximum performance from current research sources

Medical and Research Strategy
Product Line
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