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  • The Environment

  • Ethics, Integrity and Transparency

Greenhealth Line Pharma LLC, since its inception, has considered that adding value to the communities in which it develops its operations is a basic pillar.

The objectives that we have established to achieve sustainable productive economic development include the collaboration with the community and its authorities, the development of a network of growers in different countries, as well as actions to promote policies and initiatives that favor and protect the health of people to efficient therapeutic solutions.




Our project contemplates 100% organic and sustainable agricultural operations to cultivate medical cannabis and to extract the active compounds of the cannabis and refine them for the commercialization to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Our crops take advantage of the exceptional natural conditions that the countries where we operate offer in terms of temperature, humidity, stable cycle of light 24/7, energy and water consumption.



We are committed to ensuring ethical and transparent behavior in all our operations and in our interactions with health professionals, patients, governmental representatives, technological partners and investors.

We are also committed to raising awareness and sharing the benefits for health and quality of life that cannabis and its extracts can contribute. This supports the creation of a regulatory framework that facilitates access of patients to potentially innovative and efficient therapeutic solutions.This commitment will always be supported by strong scientific evidence and in consensus with health professionals.

The small amount of energy used will come from renewable sources; we aspire to generate the lowest carbon footprint and the lowest impact on the environment in all our operations.

We firmly believe in ethics and transparency as the only possible way to ensure sustainable development of the industry.

“We believe full compliance with regulations is crucial to corporate success”

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